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Your Dottie Tots Bag

When you join us here at Dottie Tots , you will be provided with your very own Dottie Bag; included inside, is your child's cuddle blanket which needs to be ‘named’ by your child! Bertie blanket (or whatever your child has named it) will need to be labelled with your child’s name and should be washed regularly at home with your favourite detergent!


Feeling Comfortable

Children should wear comfortable and appropriate clothing all year round so that they have the freedom to fully engage in our curriculum, including those ‘messy play’ activities. Our school uniform can be purchased from Tesco Embroidery Service, please ask a member of the team for more details about purchasing a school uniform for your child. To ensure that we are always able to identify your child’s things, all belongings must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

We ask that you include the following in your child’s bag each day:

  Your cuddle blanket

  A pair of slippers/socks with grips for indoor play

  A spare set of weather appropriate clothes – including socks

  A splash suit – available to purchase from us or from an outdoor shop.

  Wellies with lovely thick socks

  The all important sun hat, all year round.

  Your favourite comfy winter hat, scarf and gloves for those colder months

  A watertight water bottle, we find the Sistema bottles a good option.

  And if applicable Nappies, Wipes and Creams

But do not worry, we always have spares of ‘everything’ so your child will never go without..


When the sun is out!

It is very important that we protect our little ones from the sun, so it essential that a sun hat is provided by parents for the

sunny months. This hat will be kept at our setting . We supply sun cream and ask for a contribution of £5.00 per year towards these costs. We will only ever use factor 50 hypoallergenic sun cream which is applied at the start of the day, after lunch and after any water activity. We are more than happy for you to bring your own sun cream, please label the bottle with your child’s name and the date supplied and give to a member of staff. This will be kept at our setting for the year. Any unused sun cream will be returned at the end of the sunny season.

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